Case Studies - Kennel Field Stables

Field Trial in England from 20.09.18 until 04.10.18

conducted by Elizabeth Newman, Equine Consultant


Trial participants at Kennel Field Stables


15 year old miniature Shetland mare, companion, owned by C.Stephen.
Ruby was suffering from Sweet Itch to her mane causing itching and rubbing although she had not yet managed to rub out much or any of her prolific mane when we commenced treatment. We applied Vet Gold cream twice a day and Ruby stopped rubbing after day 3.


11 year old Irish Cob mare, Hunting, owned by C.Stephen. Rose suffers from Mite infestation to her lower legs causing her to stamp her feet to relieve the itching this causes. This is a common problem with her breed. Unfortunately
the stamping creates a lot of foot and leg problems for the horse over time. There is no effective cure except in some cases vets recommend IV Ivermectin. This drug is not suitable and potentially dangerous for a lot of horses. We applied a 1 cm layer of EquiMud over the entire lower legs from just below the knee to above the coronet band. In this yard all the horses are stabled at night and turned out in the field during the day. We applied the mud in the morning and turned her out without wraps or bandages. When we bought her in in the evening we washed off the mud, towel dried and re-applied, again without wraps. After 3 days the stamping had stopped. We continued to follow the treatment plan for a further 6 days. Since I left Rose has not started stamping again.


22 year old Irish Cob gelding, Show jumper, owned by C.Stephen.
Kevin is from the same stable as Rose and the same breed. He was also suffering from Mites. We treated him in the same way as Rose and the results were identical.


9 year old Irish Cob, mare, carriage driving, owned by C.Stephen.
Peggy Sue is from the same stable as Rose and Kevin and is also the same breed. She also suffers from Mites. Again, same treatment routine, same excellent results.