Case Studies - Keeper's Stables

Field Trial in England from 20.09.18 until 04.10.18

conducted by Elizabeth Newman, Equine Consultant


Keeper's is a racing stable so all the participants here are racehorses. They all race on the flat and there were 30 horses in training during the trial. During the trial period I visited daily. We decided to select 5 subject horses who are regularly bandaged at night and to apply the EquiMud using the routine application method. There was a noticeable difference in the horse's legs the following morning, particularly following fast gallop work or racing.

During the trial none of the horses had cuts or skin problems which warranted using the Vet Gold cream. However, at the end of the trial, I agreed with the trainer that he would continue with the routine treatment on the subject horses. Also, I left him some Vet Gold cream to try if any injuries occurred. We decided to extend the trial for a further 6 weeks after I left during which time we have been discussing cases as they arise. At the end of the 6 week period I will obtain a testimonial from the trainer giving his view of the products and will update the subject horse's with any changes and add new horses. During the extended trial the trainer may include any of his 30 horses depending on their circumstances.

5 horses that we applied EquiMud using the routine application method
(referred to by their stable number 7,12,13,17,28)

These 5 horses were used to having their legs hosed for 5 - 10 minutes with cold water after work and then wrapped with pads and bandaged.
We applied EquiMud using the routine application method during the 14 day period. The results were far better when we used the EquiMud. The legs felt much tighter and there was no swelling.