PFree Anti-Pollution Mud Shampoo, 1 Litre


The PFree Anti-Pollution Mud Shampoo, is rich in powerful antioxidants including raspberry extract, deep sea red algae and Dead Sea minerals enriched with magnesium, vitamins C and E.

This shampoo aids in the prevention of rain scald, mud fever and fungal skin infections.

This shampoo is also aiming to protect the skin, mane, coat and tale from harsh environmental conditions and prevent polluted air from drying and damaging the skin.

Dead Sea Mud rich with Magnesium is a super cleanser, cleaning and removing impurities leaving the skin, mane, coat and tale clean and refreshed with a shiny glow. Red Algae will cover the skin, mane, coat and tale with an anti-moisture lose film whilst dead sea minerals will provide the nourishment needed for healthy strong roots and maintain skin's natural elasticity. Dead Sea minerals are rich with much needed Magnesium.

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of PFREE shampoo and massage all over till covered with a layer of rich foam, hose thoroughly and let dry.