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EquiMud is a unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts enriched with Dead Sea mineral mud (rich in Magnesium) to relax muscles, joints and tendons on a horse's legs, ankles, back and neck. Reduces swelling and discomfort, will not irritate or blister the skin. Washes off easily leaving the skin clean with no residues or staining.

Certified negative by "LGC Laboratories Newmarket (UK)" for substances prohibited under BHA and FEI rules.

How to use: EquiMud should be routinely applied to horse's legs, after work or competition and left overnight with suitable bandaging and wrapping.  

  • Clean lower legs with cold water
  • Apply up to 1 cm thick coating of EquiMud
  • Cover mud with damp brown paper
  • Apply leg wraps and stable bandages
  • Leave overnight and hose off in the morning