VetGold Product Range for Horses

VetGold is the world’s first ever Dead Sea Derma cosmetic range of products specifically developed for application on horses.

VetGold products are made of a unique blend of natural oils, plant extracts and Dead Sea Mineral Mud, to treat skeletal and soft tissue soreness and injuries as well as many skin and hoof conditions. 

The products are Steroid free and contain high concentration of Magnesium

ALL VetGold products are certified by LGC Laboratories Newmarket to be free from any substances prohibited under BHA and FEI regulations. 

VetGold products for horses, EquiMud, VetGold Cream, VetGold Shampoo

VetGold Cream

VetGold Cream is designed to promote the natural healing of dry, damaged skin and wounds.

VetGold Cream is aimed for Open wounds,  Mud fever,  Severe cracked heels and  Sweet Itch. 

How to Apply EquiMud for routine prevention or treatment of lower leg inflammation:

VetGold for Pets

VetGold for Pets, the VetGold Cream and VetGold Spray, are distributed by our sub distributors Complete Veterinary Care (CVC), and are sold through UK veterinary wholesalers and on various veterinary online shops.

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