We have been using VetGold for a while at Southend and have been very pleased with the results. We are using it routinely where we have open wounds that need dressing, but we don't want a steroid to delay wound healing. We tend to use it where previously we would have thought of Fucidin ointments or gels. One case that comes to mind is an old German Shepherd that had an ulcerating tumour on his ventral abdomen, which he chewed off leaving an open wound that wouldn't heal. The owners were against any surgery due to the age of the dog, and only wanted palliative treatment. We used Vetgold ointment and oral antibiotics, and contrary to our expectations the wound granulated, epithelialised and healed! The owners were very pleased.

Gareth, Vet @ Medivet, Southend

I saw Ice Chappell, a 12 year old entire GSD bitch on the 23rd of June for the first time. She came to me for fly strike but also had a 7x 5cm lesion on the right side of her face. She's had this lesion for months, even years, it seemed to flare up every now and then but was always present. The lesion was a black area of thickened hairless skin which at the time i saw here was inflamed and it exuded purulent, sanguinous fluid when squeezed. I decided to go for VetGold and after 4 days of using it the lesion was drier and less inflamed, after a further 6 days there was no more exuded and the skin was getting thinner and softer. One month after that, the owner was still using VetGold, the hair started to grow. Now, 2 months after finishing VetGold the lesion has completely gone. She got a full face of hair and is looking beautiful. A real success! story!

Susi, Vet @ Medivet

We have had excellent results with the management of Lick Granuloma – please see report from owner.

Report on the use of VetGold on Hattie from 1st May until 29th May 2009:

Commenced use of VetGold twice a day. Showed great improvement within 48 hours and continued to improve over the next 4 weeks. The scab on the leg has practically gone and the dog is not biting the area anymore. Hair is beginning to reappear on the area.

Heathside Veterinary Surgery – Southampton