Where can I purchase VetGold Cream?

VetGold Cream is available at NVS (National Veterinary Services), Centaur and Dunlop’s. If you do not have an account at NVS please contact either Concept Trading & Consultancy (info@concept-trading.co.uk) or Complete Veterinary Care (info@cvcgroup.co.uk).

How can I find out the ingredients of a product?

Our website offers a comprehensive explanation about the VetGold Cream including a list of the main ingredients.

Is the VetGold Cream natural?

Yes. The VetGold product range is manufactured exclusively from Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, natural fruit and vegetable extracts. The VetGold cream methodically excludes any non-organic medicinal chemicals such as cortisone, steroids, coal tar and synthetic vitamins, with which prolonged use may cause harm.

Does VetGold Cream contain steroids?

No. VetGold products are 100% natural, steroid-free, medicine-free skincare products.

Any proven results/case studies?

We would be delighted to welcome you to the ranks of veterinarians and pets owners who have been using VetGold Cream with results bordering on the miraculous. To view a number of specific documented cases click here, with more to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions